Learning Resource Centre (Library and ILC services)

Welcome to your Learning Resource Centre.
We at the Library and ILC are here to help you with your studies and more!

Visit the Library site:

Madinat Zayed Library

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Learning Resource Centre:

We are open before your classes begin and after your classes are finished (and all day in between) to serve you best.
We have graded readers, DVD’s and talking books.
We have newspapers, magazines (in both Arabic and English) to keep you up-to-date with world events and the latest fashions/sports scores.
We have reference materials for quick and in-depth information.
We have iPads & iMacs for advances learning and 3D TVs for smart viewing.
We have Information literacy classes for search & research skills.
We also have lots of books on all kinds of subjects.
Any staff & student with an HCT identification card can borrow books for 2 weeks and DVDs for three days.
You can visit our website to see the library catalogue: http://libraries.hct.ac.ae/
There is another online presence for our Madinat Zayed Colleges http://mzc.hct.ac.ae/library This website will tell you about the special events and specific details about our libraries in MZC.
Knowledge is free at your library…just bring your own container!
As a registered student at MZC you can borrow books from all HCT colleges.
You can also borrow materials from Zayed University and the United Arab Emirates University through the LIWA connection.
Use the OPAC computer in the library or visit: http://libraries.hct.ac.ae/
We will teach each of you how to use the catalogue/library during the Information literacy classes. Come in and ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable library staff members. Discover, connect and get inspired!
Read! Read! Read!
Register and work on the m-reader program we offer!
We guarantee your English will improve the more you visit us! Continue your adventure at your libraries!


Along with the library, the Independent Learning Center (ILC) is here to support and encourage students to study effectively on their own. At the ILC we are determined to help our students develop independent learning skills and habits. The ILC staff work with the teachers from all departments and IT team to seek out resources that will support our learners’ studies, coursework and projects and to identify the best software for our learners’ needs.

The ILC is for:
• studying in groups or alone
• practicing English and Maths with special software
• IELTS practice and tests
• attending the ILC review classes by ILC staff
• m-reader reading program
• getting special help with difficult subjects
• working on projects, reports or presentations
• preparing for exams
• tutoring your peers

Contact details:

Phone: 02 8943 719 for Madinat Zayed Library

email: MZ Library Circulation Desk