Finance & Facilities

This department provides a range of operational, administrative and financial support services to ensure the efficient running of the Colleges. These include among others: human resources, finance, purchasing, service contract negotiations, facilities, maintenance, visas and housing, food services, cleaning, security, transportation, events organization and implementation of several on-going short and long-term projects.

Fire Regulations

Students must be familiar with the procedures for evacuation. Procedures along with maps showing the location of the designated safety zones are put up at every exit. If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Do not attempt to put out a fire. Follow your instructor out of the building or proceed quickly to the nearest exit. Do not carry anything except your purse.
  • Assemble at the nearest designated safety zone. Remain there until you hear the fire wardens give the "all clear".
  • Do not stand close to the building.
  • Follow any instructions given to you by an instructor.
  • Once the "all clear" is given, walk back to your classroom.

Health and Safety Plan

A safety plan exists to ensure that students and staff know the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. This plan is available in the LRC. A team of staff members have been trained in emergency procedures and will take charge in an emergency. If a student becomes ill, there is a rest room and first aid kits are available for minor problems at reception and with Student Services.

In the case of an emergency or if the student is seriously ill, then Student Services will contact the student’s family and will call an ambulance if needed.


There are separate canteens for male and female students in the colleges, which are equipped with all the latest equipment and facilities. Every effort is made to ensure that the meals provided are nutritious, satisfying and affordable.

Security Guards

The colleges have 24 hour security at the campus. Students must respect the security guards. They work for the Director. They have the right to stop students from leaving the College during class hours, and to ask students to leave after class hours, if they do not have permission to be on campus. The security guards check traffic to make sure that only people who are allowed on campus enter and leave the College. Drivers must follow the instructions of the security guards. Drivers need to show the Security Guard a valid driving licence in order to enter the college. Rude behaviour by drivers will be reported to guardians. Drivers must drop students off and pick them up only where it is allowed. Drivers must drive slowly and with care at all times in the colleges. Remember that the guards act for the security of students and the college.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Efforts are made to take utmost care with the safety and health of the students. Maintenance personnel and more than ten cleaners are always on rounds to check building repairs and equipment. Cleaners clean the campus and classrooms every morning before the students arrive and in the afternoon when the students have left the campus. Due care is taken to keep the toilets and corridors clean at all times.


The colleges have been through a process of landscaping that has enhanced the appearance of the colleges. This is an ongoing effort to improve all areas within the campus boundaries with the help of local departments and contractors. Students can enjoy their breaks sitting in the gardens by the fountains.