Student Services

The Student Services centre offers a range of services to support and enrich our students’ college experience. The Student Services office works closely with Academic Services, college administration, and the student body to ensure that students have access to a wide range of resources which support their educational goals. The services offered by the Student Services office include:

  • Special Needs Assistance
  • Counselling
  • Student Council Liaison
  • Student Activities, Organizations, Events, and Publications
  • Health, Wellness, and Career Development
  • Financial Aid and Transportation

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Students with Special Needs

The colleges welcome students with special needs. Students need to contact the Student Services department as soon as possible to discuss their individual needs:

Madinat Zayed Colleges: Tel. 02 8943 700

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Student Council

The Madinat Zayed Colleges student council consists of students from the men’s and women’s colleges. The male and female student council members are elected by their respective student bodies. At the beginning of each academic year, students submit nominations for 8 council positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Student Services Representative
  • Media and Public Relations Representative
  • Sports and Events Coordinator (for women)
  • Sports and Events Coordinator (for men)
  • Secretary

Under the guidance of a student council advisor (the student counsellor) student council members serve as liaisons between the students and the college management. Student council members also work closely with class representatives. (Class representatives are selected by students and faculty from each college section to carry the voice of the students to the student council members).

In addition to representing the needs of the student body to the college administration, student council members represent the college at community events, assume leadership roles in organizing college activities, plan leadership development and enrichment opportunities for the student body, as well as work to enhance the college spirit amongst the students.

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Health and Wellness

Learning how to live a healthy life, eat well and take regular exercise is a very important part of college life. Students are offered opportunities to join in sporting activities and to participate in workshops and activities designed to educate them about ways to stay healthy.

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Financial Aid and Transportation

The HCT recognizes that some students may need assistance with laptop purchase, meals and transportation costs. Students who require assistance are required to contact the College Student Services Supervisor or College Counselor for details regarding financial aid. Student Services can help in various ways, such as organizing temporary employment and providing equipment.

Awards and Scholarships

There are a range of award and scholarships for outstanding students.
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Career Advice and Work Placement

The college has a dedicated Career Counsellor who can help with advice and information regarding career development, identifying skills and finding the right job. The Career Counsellor has information on local and national employers and job opportunities in the fast expanding Western Region. The Career Counsellor will also offer support to Alumni after graduation to make the most of their qualifications and the opportunities available to them for further study and work. As part of their course, all students will have at least eight weeks of genuine work experience with an existing company, doing real work.

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Overseas Travel

The Higher Colleges of Technology prepares students to live in a global economy. The colleges endeavours to organize overseas trips for students, to build their awareness of other countries and build their commitment to personal growth, community service and global awareness.

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Counselling Services

A professional counselor is available at the colleges to offer individual confidential meetings with students to find ways to manage the many challenges and life circumstances they will encounter as part of college life. If you are finding college difficult for any reason, please contact Student Services.

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Student Lockers

Each student may request a locker at the time of registration. It should be used to store books and belongings, but not laptops. Books and belongings should not be left in classrooms or anywhere else on campus. Do not store food, large sums of money or valuables in the locker. Students are responsible for the items stored in the locker. Students must provide their own padlock for the locker.


Students at both colleges are provided with bus transportation in college buses. This service is free of charge for students. Students travel from Sila, Ghayathi, Um Al Ashtan, Beta Muttawa, Ruwais and Al Mirfa to Ruwais colleges and from Al Mirfa, Madinat Zayed and Liwa to Madinat Zayed Colleges.