Mission, Vision and Ethos

Our Mission

To give every adult resident of Al Gharbia the opportunity to reach their education potential.

Our Vision

By 2020, the HCT in Al Gharbia will provide every adult resident the opportunity to undertake studies that meet their needs and those of the region’s employers in state of the art learning environments within easy travelling distance.

Our Ethos

We maintain the educational development of our students as our primary focus.

We enjoy coming to work each day and sharing our professional lives with those around us who share our willingness, ability, professionalism, flexibility and sense of humour.

We commit to never asking others to do something we would not do ourselves and to respect others for the diversity they bring to our teams and working lives.

We strive to be transparent, open and honest.

We smile in the face of adversity and see challenges as opportunities.

We celebrate our successes, and continually strive to improve in all we do.